Decent organizations doing reforestation in Haiti are Floresta, IOM, MCC

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Bryan Mwen te fe video an nan Kenscoff ak Port Au Prince.

How to Build a Cargo Cycle Truck - More DIY How To Projects

How to Build a Longtail Cargo Bike - More DIY How To Projects
Haiti Flatland videos

This site has interesting information on bicycle advocacy and I want one of these rickshaws.

Bikes and Papaye Peasant Movement

Click here to read an interview with MPP's Bazelais Jean-Baptiste about their bicycle programs. When asked what MPP's most pressing needs are with their bicycle program Bazelais Jean-Baptiste's answers "A program to train youth in bicycle mechanics, capacity to build and sell cargo bikes; getting factory seconds from US bike industry (which we have money to pay for); tools, tools, tools; instructional materials in Creole."
Mwen pat gen tann pou mande ki bo gason an te jwenn bekan sa. M te we bekan nan Petit Guave, epi moun tap livre pain avel. Wou devan pi pitsi pase wou deye.